Angkor Thom


Angkor Thom is a collection of buildings spread over a number of square kilometres. The main road leading up to it is about a kilometre long, with an elaborately decorated bridge.



From the distance, not much is visible and the place looks rather tarnished.



Once inside, countless towers are decorated with more than 220 heads, keeping an eye on your every move.





Small ponds with improbable numbers of small fish and water lilies are scattered throughout the site.



Barely described buildings litter the overwhelming site.



Hidden away in the trees, this building has not seen any signs of restoration. Walking there, which took about 20 minutes, I didn't meet another soul is this otherwise crowded area.



There are two "tours" around Angkor, a small one of 15 or so kilometres and a larger one of 47 kilometres. It was magical to coast on the bike through all this.