The last country on this trip. Cambodia feels comfortably like Laos in 2000. People are very friendly and the roads are terrible. Luckily I got through the worst of it during a dry period. Rain turns the packed dust to sticky mud, not unlike what you find in Death Valley during the spring rains.



Although only a few hundred kilometers from Bangkok, the climate is distinctly different, with more sun, fewer clouds and no humidity to speak of. Twenty four degrees centigrade feels cool at night, such is my acclimatization at this point.


See the links below for more details on the various places I visited throughout Cambodia.


Siem Reap

Phnom Penh


Cambodia slideshow



Border crossing

Visa: Yes

Carnet: No

Bike insurance: No

Intl. drivers license: No

Entry point: Poipet

Exit point: Krong Kong