We're racing through European countries. As said before, having lived here for so long, they no longer hold the "Ooh, Aah" appeal one expects from a Euro-neophyte. However, that does not mean we were going to spend all our time on the highway. We took the long way through the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) for two days. After a relatively good first day with many scenic detours, we ended up (too late) in a campsite right next to a river. The $100 dollar faucets in the (numerous) showers and immaculately maintained campsite was not what we were expecting, but then, this is Germany, the heartland of doing things the right way. The bill for our stay was more elaborate and detailed than most US hotel bills, but only amounted to 22 Euros or so for the both of us. It did rain overnight, so we packed our gear wet right from the start. Fun.



The first part of day 2 was dry, and we stopped in Nagold for coffee. We caught the last rays before the heavens opened up.




We picked up the pace and headed for Switzerland, where we knew a warm bed awaited in the form of Dieter's hospitality. Swiss customs was swift, but they did want to see paperwork.




Border crossing

Visa: No

Carnet: No

Bike insurance: Yes

Intl. drivers license: No

Entry point: Aachen

Exit point: Konstanz