Around town


I was in Esfahan during the 3rd week of the 2006 war in Lebanon. The Iranians were expressing their love for the occupiers of Palestine in a number of ways.



It was clear the war machine was slowly starting to roll, with recruitment drives in a number of places throughout the country. Hizbollah flags and supporters were everywhere.


A stroll along the Zayandeh River in the evening brings you past a number of bridges. There are people everywhere, picnicking or just hanging out.



The Si-o-seh bridge, like a few others, connects the two parts of town. On the East side of the bridge is a well known tea house.



The bridge is also a dam. Water is released over a shallow area which seems a popular attraction.



Try as I may, I failed to find any diversity at one of the better restaurants in town. The kebab was better than average, but it was still a kebab. Restaurants have a very one-sided menu and next to no variety, which is a shame.



One major success was finding a pair of hiking boots in Esfahan. Since this was the last big city, I needed to find something besides Teva's and motorcycle boots. As luck would have it, the Mountaineering Federation of Iran was based here out of a climbing enthusiast's apartment. Through him and another reference, I found a small store that sold hiking and climbing equipment. It was far away from the center, in an alley. I had rough directions but it took a guy on a scooter to get me deposited in front of the unmarked door. Inside was a small shop with a mix of used and new equipment. I ended up with a new pair of GoreTex/Vibram hiking boots for $33 CAD. At that price, undoubtedly they are the real thing.



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