Chemel Sotun Palace


This palace is away from the Imam square, a short stroll through lush gardens when leaving the Ali Qapu Palace. It's hard to believe so many beautiful buildings are so close together. The palace was mainly used for entertainment purposes.



Despite being white-washed by the Afghans in the 17th century, most of the frescoes remain in good shape. The palace is made up of a number of halls, with varying scenes painted on pretty much every surface.



There is also a smaller area dedicated to less formal pleasures. It is here that palace guards in the 1979 revolution stood between the fundamentalists and "their" art to prevent its destruction.



Unfortunately, a lot of the frescoes were damaged during the 1979 revolution. A lot have been restored or are being restored, but ample evidence remains.



The entrance hall and portal are bewildering.



Each hall is covered in endless frescoes.



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