Imam Square


It is "only" the second largest square in the world, after Tiananmen, but it certainly is the prettiest. It's not hard to spend hours lingering around here, looking at all that goes on, the people and the architecture.



The beauty of this square sucks you in. It's hard to leave through one of the 4 main roadways or countless bazaar entrances. In the evening the light dims to a nice hue and the crowds emerge.


The square is home to the Imam Mosque, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the Ali Qapu Palace. The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is basically one huge square room very nicely decorated. The outside of the dome is brown, as compared to the Imam Mosque, which has a blue dome.



After passing through the ornate entrance (above), you enter the sole room in the mosque. It is quite spectacular, as depending on where you stand, the color of the dome and surrounding walls changes from blue to pink to gold.



The Ali Qapu Palace is across from the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. It is was being worked on, with artisans slaving to touch up or repaint the walls where the frescoes were damaged.




Around the square are entryways and hidden passages to small areas filled with stores. It seems at times the whole place is a bazaar.



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