I arrived in Esfahan in the afternoon, after having spent the hottest day so far on the bike. It was hot along the Dead Sea in Jordan, but this was a magnitude worse.



That's what you get for wanting to be adventurous and crossing the desert whereas the sensible Iranians had long since opened up a nice new highway around the hottest parts, over the mountain tops.


But back to Esfahan. I found the best little hotel so far in Iran. Not with all the amenities of the Best Western look-a-like in Qazvin, but a room in a small family run hotel, where mom does all the work and dad sits behind the desk and hands out keys to the guests. A lackluster daughter gets bossed around by mom, resulting in an immaculately clean place. There was so much to see and do in Esfahan that I decided to split this section up.


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