We didn't learn our lesson when we rode along the Dead Sea and descended again towards the water. This time to Aqaba, a port on the Red Sea and the only Jordanian harbor. Aqaba is a free-trade zone and as such very much more developed than other parts of the country. Huge hotel complexes line the beach until well out of the downtown area. I scoped out a small hotel just in case I need to ship my bike from here to Karachi (Pakistan), my fallback position if my visa for Iran is refused again.


Aqaba lies right next to Elat, Israel (or Occupied Palestine as it is known here). We're a mile or so from the Saudi border and across the water is the Sinai desert of Egypt.


As with the Dead Sea, the temperatures are really high. High 40's or 50 C, but in contrast to other areas, the night time temperature stays in the high 30's. The humidity is an additional burden.


Following a recommendation from other travelers, we ended up at Bedouin Garden Village, 12 kilometers out of town. It's a resort-type place with a pool and lots of places to linger in the shade. You can rent snorkeling equipment and swim along the reef, just off the beach.


We didn't do much here but hang for a few days to take a break.