A visit to Petra is one of those things one should do when visiting Jordan. The entrance to the site is a long walk at about 1.3 kilometres. The last part (600 meters or so) leads through a deep crevice, created by tectonic forces.



The first glimpse of Petra comes a few hundred yards before you reach the entrance.



The Treasury is the Hallmark moment of Petra. Carved out of solid rock, it is truly spectacular and one cannot help but ponder how much work and planning it must have been to create.



After a good ten minutes of admiring the first building, you turn the corner full of anticipation to see the rest of the site. Unfortunately, the rest of Petra is a mere shadow of the first building.



A number of other structures, such as the tombs, amphitheatre and what looks like ordinary housing, can be seen all around. It's definitely worth a visit, but it stands in shrill contrast to the Treasury.




We saw a few of these guys as well. Camels and donkeys can carry you around if you are not willing to walk to the various corners of the site.



All in all we were happy to have visited the site. However, at 21 JD ($ 29.5 USD), we could not think of a more expensive historical or cultural place to visit in Europe or anywhere else for that matter.