"It's October, we should go". With those words and with a time frame fit for world traveling, Lizzy and Roel left for India. I arrived in Kathmandu a few days prior and ended up staying at the same hotel they were at. We'd met in Syria, four countries ago. It was nice to catch up and exchange experiences. There were two other overland vehicles here as well.


Kathmandu is a good place to rest for a while after having been in the Middle East for the last 4 months. Everything modern and tasty is available here. Steak au poivre was on the menu a few times in close succession.


There is lots to see in Kathmandu. Below are pictures of Durbar Square, one of the main highlights.




Monkeys seem a fixture here. They are found around most temples.



The Indra Jatra festival was ramping up as I arrived. There were happenings all around town, with every shrine and temple decorated as worshippers came and went.



On the 7th day of the festival the situation turned serious, with loads of warm-blooded creatures being sacrificed. Unfortunately, I missed the bloodletting. It wasn't quite clear where the core of the events were taking place. Some of the people in our little group were whisked into a military compound where outsiders were allowed to watch the slaughter.





A miniature version of the Swayambhunath stupa is hidden away near Durbar square. The original one is massive.