I rode past Nepali customs and immigration without realizing it. Tracking back, I got a visa and entry stamp for the carnet. They really do not see many Westerners coming through here with their own vehicles. The last entry was for Lizzy and Roel, who I had met in Syria and were way ahead of me in their trip.

The hurriedness of the Indian roads immediately seizes at the border. A few cows and lots of bicycles are the main occupants. People smile a lot more and seem content, wandering along the road in small groups laughing.

I also bumped into some relatives. There were a lot of them, but this was the best shot.

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Helambu trek

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Base Camp

Pokhara (2)


Nepal slideshow



Border crossing

Visa: Yes

Carnet: Yes

Bike insurance: No

Intl. drivers license: No

Entry point: Banbasa

Exit point: