Pokhara (2)


Pokhara is an oasis of luxury after returning from the Annapurna treks. I hang out with Paul and Berit for part and read voraciously. A package of spare parts for the bike arrived long ago, but I am procrastinating to an unprecedented degree, spending my time relaxing.


At one point, I looked into a tandem paragliding flight, but after spending some time at the landing site and seeing some less than perfect landings, accompanied by mixed reviews from the passengers, I decide against it. Using a public road as a landing strip didn't seem such a great idea either. 



A Egyptian eagle, being trained to fly with the gliders, seemed pretty comfortable with the whole thing.



Enjoying the sun, this lizard seems not perturbed by my close-ups.



A few shots from Fewa lake on my last day in Pokhara.