After two days of riding through Nepal from Mahendranagar to Pokhara, I was stunned to arrive in the West. Being able to do anything you can do in the West and eat steak with fries at night only brought home how different the previous few months had been. Since I was a week ahead of schedule, I planned to really slow down for the next two months, with minimal to no riding and lots of hiking here and around Kathmandu.


The road from Mahendranagar to Pokhara was incredible. The first day I rode through the lowlands of Nepal, with a good road winding gently through the countryside, ending in Nepalgunj. Traffic was limited, safe for the many water buffalos who were apt to change course abruptly and, like elephants, care little for what comes their way. 


Day two wound through the mountains, twisty heaven for the motorcyclist. The rainy season was nearly over, leaving the countryside looking greener than any green I'd seen before.