Fort Munro


In our quest to get north as soon as possible, we left Loralai at a decent time and invariably our police escort showed up without invitation. They left us about 40 or so kilometres later.


The road ended halfway and "road construction" began. We were not sure if it was malicious destruction, but there was not a lot of constructive activity.



The really exciting part was crossing a river due to a washed out bridge. When the water rises in the afternoon, tractors pull cars across, as it is no longer possible to drive through at that point. The rocks made the crossing particularly hazardous.



As we progressed, the road got steadily worse. Since crossings rivers had overtaken deep sand as my least favorite road surface, I gathered it couldn't get any worse and let the bike roll over whatever we encountered. It handled everything I threw at it with ease, confirming how limited my riding skills were. After we cleared the 40 or so kilometers of "construction" zone, Rahul and Sarah had the excellent idea to take a break and make some Espresso.


Later during the day, we stopped for food which Sarah, a chef by profession, transformed into yet another fine meal.



The place we ended up in was not our intended destination but very charming nonetheless lat/lon.



We decided to stay here for a day and rest.