We left Karimabad and decided to either end up at Passu or Sost on our way to the top of the KKH. As we were leaving town, we ran into the Australians again. They had rented a jeep to get to Passu so we followed along and we all ended up having lunch together in Passu.


On the way there, the scenery was quite different from earlier stretches on the KKH. We were now much higher. The ruggedness of the terrain was spectacular.



Near Passu, one of the many glaciers came close to the road.



From the Glacier Breeze Restaurant, perched many steps above the road, the views were captivating.



Most of the peaks within view from the restaurant are above 6,000 meters.



After a very long and leisurely lunch, we bid farewell to the Aussies and the lone Brit. They were off on a 5 day glacier trek. We went on to Sost where I stayed in a lodge. Sarah and Rahul camped a little further along the KKH.