Tourism must be nearly non-existent in this region, as it would be impossible to furnish more than a handful of visitors with the infrastructure available. At any given time, at least 15 people must have been actively involved in either escorting us or waiting at a hand-off point as we rode by. The guys below were clear about their mission. Unfortunately, they dropped us off at a new tunnel going from the south to Peshawar, bypassing the regular mountain road. Motorcycles are not allowed through it. Being tired and pained by all the interference from the last few days, we pushed on through the tunnel which earned us no great favors. We got intercepted on the other side by what we thought was police but turned out to be National Highway Authority staff. After a lecture we were sent on our way again. We probably did push the envelope a bit, but the logic as to why motorcycles were not allowed was a foggy concept in everyone's mind.


We arrived in Peshawar an hour later than planned. We decided to stay for a few days to catch up with the world, write some emails and plan our mountain escape from all this madness. Unfortunately, Rahul and Sarah both fell ill during the day. They were both better the next day and we carried on to the Swat Valley.