The Western world is creeping ever closer. Leaving Kathmandu, I had to surrender my favourite pocket knife at customs. I'd forgotten to pack it with my bike shipment a few days earlier. Getting the bike out of Thai customs was a black art and took 12 or so hours of waiting, stamps, copies and signatures. Plus about $30 in various bribes. The x-ray below is from the departure in Kathmandu.



An air-conditioned bus to Bangkok was the way to go. The temperature was new to me. Heat and plenty of humidity. It felt worse than in some parts of the Middle East and having spent the last few months in a relatively cool climate, it was a bit of a shock.


See the links below for more details on the various places I visited throughout Thailand.



Bangkok (2)

Chiang Mai


Thailand slideshow



Border crossing

Visa: No

Carnet: Yes

Bike insurance: No

Intl. drivers license: Yes

Entry point: Bangkok airport

Exit point: Bangkok airport