Mount Nemrut


Our second attempt to make it to Mnt. Nemrut was successful. After yesterday's ferry problem, we decided to take the long way and end up where we wanted to be.


What can I say about Mnt. Nemrut? Well, after 5 kilometers of some of the worst broken up road ever encountered by yours truly, I was ready to be wowed by the immense fallen heads. Unfortunately, after climbing another 35 minutes to the top, in full motorcycle gear, we arrived at a very small site, with a few heads clearly propped up and removed from their torsos. It was nice to see, but not worth 2 days of detour and effort.


I had expected an Easter-Island type of stately calm, emanating from solid and mysterious history. Instead, a few local school kids were climbing all over the fenced-off area while their teacher was videotaping them. A bored guard made little attempt to rectify the situation.


And then we had to ride down the same horrible road. Definitely something to give a miss when in Turkey.