Packing List ...


Packing for a trip like this is a challenge, to say the least. As always, the old rule applies: "Take half the stuff you think you need and twice the money". With that in mind, this is a first cut at a list of things to try and stow on the bike. As time goes on, hopefully it will be culled somewhat. 


After about 8 months on the road, I wrote a small summary of what worked and what didn't.


Riding gear
Ear plugs 
First Gear mesh jacket
First Gear mesh pants
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof pants


Tools & parts ...
2 Oil filters + 2 O rings
2 spare key sets 
4 spark plugs 
Alligator clip leads 
Brake pads

Bike cover

Bike alarm 
Cable ties 
Cargo net 
Clutch cable 
Crush washers 
Duct tape 
Ed Korn exhaust wrench 
Electrical wire
Engine oil (1 liter) 
Feeler gauges 
Fork seals (2 sets) 
Front wheel spokes (2)   
Fuel line 
Inner tube patch kit 
Inner tubes 
JB Weld 
Kryptonite cable lock 
Leatherman tool 
Micro electric pump
Nitrile gloves 
Nylon straps 
Rear wheel spokes (2) 
Rotor puller tool   
Shop rag 
Small tube of anti-seize
Small tube of white grease
Socket for swingarm 
Spare lamp set 
Spare fuses 

Spare O rings for quick releases

Throttle cables (2)
Tire gauge 
Tire irons 
Timing can Hall sensor
Tool roll 
Trouble shooting write-up
Wiring diagram (plastified)

Zip ties

Aluminum blanket 
Plastic fork and spoon 
Tent poles in tube 
Pots and pans 
Scotch Brite pad 
Sleeping bag, liner, vapor barrier 
Small fuel bottle 
Tent + stakes
Whisplerlight International 
Whisplerlight repair kit 
Dish soap


Campbell soup 
Dried survival food
Ground Nescafe 
Tea bags 

Altus fleece jacket
Altus fleece pants 
Altus fleece sweater 
Berghaus jacket 
MC / climbing boots
Poly boxershorts (3 pair)
Poly long-sleeve underwear (1 set)
Poly socks (4 pair)
Poly T-shirts (3 pair)
North Face pants (zip-off, 2 pair)

Air tickets 
Bank card
Bike carnet
Bike registration & insurance
Skype number
Cancelled Visa card (dummy wallet) 
Emergency contact list 
International drivers license 
List of Canadian embassies 
Medical insurance 
Spare passport photos 
Various visa's
WHO card 

Cigarette lighter 
Clothes lines and pins 
Contact solution
Dettol mix (mosquito)
Film canister with fishing line and hooks 
Medical kit 
Money belt 
Mosquito net 
Pocket knife 
Sewing kit 
Small rope 
Small towel 
Soap (in small bottles)
Sun glasses 
Sun tan lotion 
Tikka head lamp 
Toilet kit 
Toilet paper 
Water bladder
Water bottle 
Water filter 
US cash 
Visa card (2)
Travelers cheques 
Travel guides


12V Maha battery charger
Digital camera   
Laptop (2 batteries, CD-R, spare HD)
"All power" charger
CDs and software / ghosted drive
Music MP3 on computer
NiHM batteries (12 AA & 9 AAA)   
Small headphones / microphone
Telephone alligator clips
Telephone lead 
USB sticks (backup)
Worldwide coordinates